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Golden Rat

Golden Rat

A man walked into a antique store and looking around saw a golden rat

When he picked it up to look at it, he discovered that it was very heavy.

He asked the shop owner what was in it and the merchant told him that it was solid gold and if he was interested in it, it was $11.

“$11?” the man asked

“Is that all?”

“Yes,” said the merchant, “but there is a story that goes with it for $25,000

Would you like it too?”

The man said no, but he would take the rat and he gave the merchant $11.

The man left the store and started walking towards the river which ran through the center of the town.

A couple of blocks away he looked back and noticed that there were a dozen or so rats following him.

Concerned a little bit, he started walking faster

He looked back again and found that there were now hundreds of rats following him.

Startled, he ran from them to the river's edge and threw the golden rat out into the river

The entire entourage of following rats plunged into the river and were drown.

The man went back to the antique shop and the merchant seeing him come in went over to greet him

“Have you come back for the story?” he asked.

“No,” said the man, “but, I was wondering whether you have any golden lawyers.”