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A miser sold most of his land to buy a shiny piece of gold

He buried the gold in the ground by an old wall and went to look at it every day.

One day, one of his workers saw the miser going to the wall and followed him.

Soon the worker discovered the secret of the hidden treasure

When the miser was gone, he dug up the gold and stole it.

The next day the miser found that his gold had been stolen.

The miser cried and cried in anger and sadness

A neighbor saw the miser crying and found out what was wrong.

He said, “Please don't cry so much

You should go and get a stone, bury it in the ground and pretend the stone is the piece of gold

It will be just the same as when the gold was there, because you never did anything with the gold when you had it.”

Moral of the Story: The true value of money is not having it but using it wisely.