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The Boy And The Rain

The Boy And The Rain

After four years of drought in the small north-east village, the priest gathered everyone for a pilgrimage up to the mountain;  there they would do a collective prayer, asking for the rain to fall again.

In the group, the priest noticed a boy wearing a raincoat.

“Are you crazy?” he asked the boy.

“It hasn't rained in this region for five years and the heat from hiking up the mountain will kill you.”

The boy replied:

“I have a cold, priest

If we are going to ask God for rain, can you imagine our return from the mountain? It will be a spate and I need to be prepared.”

At this moment, they heard a great roar coming from the sky and the first drops began to fall.

It sufficed the faith of a boy in a miracle that even the most prepared ones didn't believe in.